We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
~Anais Nin


I am Colombian & Swiss. I live and work in Sydney, Australia.
I am convinced that the way I think dictates the way I feel and thus the way I act. This paradigm guides my work as it develops from the inside to be materialized on the outside.

My work is a subjective questioning of the contemporary art language. My projects are a combination of concepts, symbols and languages, elements that I fuse together on canvas to convey a message.

My last Project “Ties of Love” is a reflexive exercise on the concepts of construction, transformation and restoration in our lives. Throughout my artwork I experiment and transform the features and limits of the canvas itself, adding components such as ropes and slice cuts. All these composition elements together bring forth intensity and texture, breaking with the two-dimensionality of conventional canvas, exploring between destruction and restoration, between hopelessness and hopefulness.


Bachelor of Fine Arts
Université Sorbonne Panthéon (Paris 1)